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Stock Number: AHME12835U1

Hyundai R 55-7

Description: Quick hitch, 300mm GP bucket, tilting mud bucket
Hours: 5200


Stock Number: AHME13268U1

Hyundai R 60CR-9

Description: Quick hitch, GP bucket, Rubber tracks, Blade, Window tint.
Hours: 2600


Stock Number: AE0091

Hyundai R290LC-9

Description: DA Piping, Safety Valves
Hours: 10246


Stock Number: AE0100

Hyundai R380LC-9

Description: DA piping, Safety valves, GP Bucket, Handrails, E Stops
Hours: 5825


Stock Number: AE0254

Komatsu PC300LC-6

Description: DA Piping, GP bucket, Quick Hitch
Hours: 13300


Stock Number: AE0257

Komatsu PC300LC-8

Description: Quick Hitch, GP Bucket, Attachment piping, ROPS cabin.
Hours: 4800


Stock Number: AX10156U1

Airman AX17UG-4

Description: Canopy, blade, rubber tracks, spade and wide buckets, beacon.
Hours: 1235

Auckland, NZ

Stock Number: AX10124U1

Airman AX30UCG-5

Description: Cabin, wide and dig buckets, blade, rubber tracks.
Hours: 4250

Hamilton, NZ

Stock Number: AX10100U1

Airman AX30UCG-5

Description: Rubber tracks, cabin, blade, dig bucket, JB hitch.
Hours: 4385

Auckland, NZ

Stock Number: AX50030U1

Airman AX40UCG-4

Description: Rubber tracks, hydraulic hitch, dig bucket only.
Hours: 5695

Christchurch, NZ