Porter Equipment’s range of Used Excavators currently in stock – Hyundai, Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota and more, including forestry spec high chassis. Our Used Construction Equipment stock list is constantly changing so please contact us if you are looking for something specific.


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    Stock Number: AHE14145U1

    Hyundai R210LC-9

    Description: GP bucket, Tilting mud bucket, Auto-lock Turners Quick hitch, Safety hand rails, E-Stops.
    Hours: 4250


    Stock Number: AE0257

    Komatsu PC300LC-8

    Description: Quick Hitch, GP Bucket, Attachment piping, ROPS cabin.
    Hours: 4800


    Stock Number: AE0316

    Cat 330D

    Description: QHitch and GP Buckets
    Hours: 12500

    Stock Number: AE0312

    Caterpillar 305CR

    Description: manual hitch , 300 / 400 / 450 Gp Buckets , 1000mm mud bucket
    Hours: 4500


    Stock Number: AHL13375U1

    Hyundai HL760-9

    Description: Quick Hitch , Gp Bucket , Forks , Craning valves , 3rd Valve , E Stops , Isolators , Grease Sys-tem , UHF Radio
    Hours: 4017


    Stock Number: AHL13363U1

    Hyundai HL770-9

    Description: Autolube, Window Tint, Loadmaster Scales and Printer , New engine being fitted August 2018 with Warranty
    Hours: -


    Stock Number: AHME13678U1

    Hyundai R 16-9

    Description: Mud bucket , 450GP, 300 GP, Ripper Tyne
    Hours: 1377


    Stock Number: AHME13471U1

    Hyundai R 16-9

    Description: half hitch , 300mm Gp , 450mm Gp , Mud Bucket , Ripper Tyne.
    Hours: 1259

    Stock Number: AHME13279U1

    Hyundai R 27Z-9

    Description: Hitch , 2 x buckets , ripper tyne
    Hours: 2100


    Stock Number: AHME13189U1

    Hyundai R 55-7A

    Description: Factory Hitch, GP Bucket, Tilt Mun Bucket, UHF, E-stops, Isolator Rubber pads
    Hours: 6017


    Stock Number: AHME13834U1

    Hyundai R 55-9

    Description: 300 gp , 450 gp , factory gp , tilt mud bucket , Doherty hitch , vandal covers , mechanical 5 finger grab
    Hours: 2760


    Stock Number: AHME13669U2

    Hyundai R 60CR-9

    Description: Q’Hitch & GP Bucket
    Hours: 4000 aprox


    Stock Number: AHE14224U1

    Hyundai R125LCR-9A

    Description: 2,248 Hrs, Gp bucket, Trenching bucket, Mud bucket, Au-tolube, Dozer blade, UHF, E-Stops
    Hours: 2248


    Stock Number: AHE13031U1

    Hyundai R140LCD-9

    Description: Gp Bucket , Quick Hitch , Dozer Blade , Hand Rails
    Hours: 8453


    Stock Number: AHE00359U1

    Hyundai R140W-7

    Description: Gp bucket, Quick Hitch, Dozer Blade and AC Cab
    Hours: 6080


    Stock Number: HE10682U1

    Hyundai R160LC-7

    Description: Hitch, weed and tilt buckets
    Hours: 8546

    Hamilton, NZ

    Stock Number: AHE00665U1

    Hyundai R160LCD-7

    Description: GP bucket
    Hours: 6452


    Stock Number: AHE14243U1

    Hyundai R160LCD-9

    Description: Semi-Auto fixed Pin Coupler, General Purpose Bucket. UHF Radio. E-Stops button & Hand Rails.
    Hours: 3592

    In Transit, AU

    Stock Number: AHME13098U1

    Hyundai R16-7

    Description: Mud Bucket. No Hitch.
    Hours: 1350

    In Transit, AU

    Stock Number: AE0304

    Hyundai R210LC-9

    Description: Quick hitch, General Purpose bucket &Tilt Mud Bucket. E-Stops. Battery isolator. Hand Rails. EXt ROPS Structure.
    Hours: 8871

    In Transit, AU

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